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Commercial Geothermal Case Studies Archive
Geothermal Heat Pump – Residential Apartment Installation – Detroit MI
Geothermal Heat Pump Commercial, Marydel DE
First Net Zero Commercial Building, St. Petersburg, FL
Piquette Square is a 150-unit apartment project in Detroit built to house and care for homeless veterans. Large capacity two-stage 20-ton water-to-water FHP 240 units were selected to heat or chill water piped to individual apartments to reduce pump and piping requirements by 50%, and energy use by 30%.
Four FHP WW240 water-to-water two-stage geothermal heat pumps and 19 water-to-air FHP model EC heat pumps
Project Goals: Quiet Operation, Energy Savings and Reliability
Net Zero energy building with 100% utility offset and independence
Commercial Heat and Hot Water Case Study Archive
Sustainable HVAC Systems
Commercial Installation - Oregon Zoo - Portland, OR
Gas Condensing Boiler
Commerical Installation - Moody’s Diner – Waldoboro, ME
Therm Gas Condensing Tankless Water Heaters – Residential Installation – Energy Saving in Multi-Family Building - New York, NY
Boston’s Atlantic Wharf Saves Energy With Buderus SB Commercial Condensing Boilers
Poquito Mas Restaurant Tankless Water Heaters, Los Angeles, CA
The Oregon Zoo's new Veterinary Medical Center required a climate-controlled intensive care unit in order to provide service to a variety of species. The zoo decided that installing Buderus solar thermal water heating and condensing gas boilers for hydronic radiant heat would be the best choice for both the animals' well-being as well as the environment.
After completing a state-sponsored energy audit at this historic 1927 diner, Dan Beck, one of the family owners, did some research and found that by replacing the existing oil-fired boiler with a high-efficiency gas condensing boiler, he could save a significant amount on annual fuel costs.
The Caroline is one of the most prestigious residential apartment buildings in New York City. The 20-story building features 433 apartments with premium kitchen and bath amenities, 50-foot sky-lit swimming pool, on-site laundry, fitness center and central climate control. Built in 2000, the building used a central hot water delivery system using four commercial direct fired water heaters. The building owners upgraded to Bosch condensing tankless water heaters to save space and energy costs.
Buderus solar thermal water heating, condensing gas boilers for hydronic radiant heat
Buderus GB162/100, EM10 Modulation Control, ST200 Indirect Water Tank
Gas condensing tankless water heaters
Bosch Therm C 1210 ESC condensing gas tankless unit supplies 450 gallons of hot water per day for the commercial kitchen plus general use of the restaurant
Commercial Solar Case Study Archive
Solar Hot Water System in Inner City of Los Angeles
Solar Thermal System
Commercial Installation - The Albert Apartments - Portland, OR
The owner of a 91 unit apartment building in the inner city of Los Angeles converted from conventional boiler hot water heating to a solar thermal system with NO initial investment and lowered monthly costs by 35%.
Ruben J. Menashe Inc. wanted to create a unique, comfortable development that showcases environmental accountability when building The Albert, a mixed-use building with 72 apartments over retail space in Portland, OR. Menashe installed a variety of green-building features including ENERGY STAR appliances and Buderus solar thermal hot water panels.
Two arrays 60 Bosch FKC solar thermal collectors, controller, 2 KS pump stations, 3000 gal outdoor storage tank
Solar thermal water heating, replacing natural gas