Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHPs) provide cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions for commercial and industrial applications.


WSHPs installed in public and private educational institutions improve comfort levels while allowing less noise distractions for students.

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Office Spaces

Multi-unit WSHP installations within office buildings allow heat exchange with a central evaporative cooling tower along with a common water loop, a highly efficient system.

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Multi-Family Mixed Use

Some advantages of mixed family/tenant buildings include convenience, superior living conditions, ease of mobility, and proximity to other businesses and services. These structures can be comfortably conditioned with WSHPs while maintaining the aesthetics of a residence.

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Hotels, motels, and resorts can benefit from the comfort and energy-efficiency that WSHPs can provide.

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WSHPs offer improved efficiencies, various sizes and technologies, and operational ease, as well as excellent service and savings, to fit any healthcare facility's needs.

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WSHPs can provide significant energy savings to a wide range of governmental and municipal facilities.

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WSHPs can help business owners/operators meet their energy use criteria while also contributing to the aesthetics, cost effectiveness, and energy efficiency of their retail spaces.

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WSHPs provide year-round comfort for home owners and tenants, including exceptional heating through winter months and cooling all summer. These systems utilize the earth to transfer heat and are inherently more efficient than models that use outdoor air as a heat source or sink. They are engineered for today’s environmental and energy conservation standards and suitable for a wide range of domestic applications.

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WSHPs and related systems offer various opportunities to all types of manufacturing processes and operations, such as waste heat as the heat source, delivering heat at higher temperatures for use in industrial processes, heating or preheating, or space heating and cooling. Additionally, they offer economical and comfort benefits, flexibility in design, are reliable and environmentally friendly, and long lasting and easy to maintain.