Bosch Connected Control BCC50 Wi-Fi Thermostat
Bosch Connected Control BCC50 Wi-Fi Thermostat
Bosch Connected Control BCC50 Wi-Fi Thermostat
Bosch Connected Control BCC50 Wi-Fi Thermostat

Smart Connected Thermostats

Bosch Connected Control BCC50 Wi-Fi Thermostat

Take control of your home comfort from anywhere with this sleek connected thermostat.

  • Sleek design with intuitive touch buttons
  • Connect to your HVAC equipment from anywhere
  • Compatible with majority of HVAC systems
  • Keep your home safe using app alerts & auto-on feature


Experience Invisible Comfort

The BCC50 is a sleek, internet-connected thermostat that offers easy all-in-one control for your HVAC systems. Program your own heating and cooling schedule or control the BCC50 using the 5 back-lit touch buttons, the Bosch Connected Control mobile app or voice commands with your smart home device.

Bosch Connected Control App

This app allows you to remotely control all of your thermostat's settings, adjust your heating and cooling schedule on-the-go, or set your BCC50 to Vacation mode to save energy while you are away from home. Take full control of your home comfort with connection to an unlimited number of thermostats and up to 4 schedules per thermostat.

Seamless Integration

The BCC50 can be installed and set up in a few easy steps using the instructions included in the box or the online video series we have created to help you get started. It is compatible with most 24V HVAC equipment on the market and works seamlessly with Smart home systems like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

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