Control Air 5600
Control Air 5600

DDC Progammable Controllers

Control Air 5600

System Integration and Communication

  • 100% stand-alone control mode
  • Can be monitored from a central building automation server
  • Intelligent space sensors provide precision measurement and communication capabilities


Bosch Control Air 5600

Bosch brings ease to Building Automation System optimization. The Bosch Control Air 5600 Digital Direct Controller (DDC) allows the technician to easily manage HVAC building functions from one workstation while simplifying installation and saving money. These optional factory-mounted controllers come preprogrammed with advanced software and are installed in the heat pump with the Unit Protection Module (UPM) to be job site ready. This means there is minimal effort in the field to install and configure the heat pump.(1) In addition, the Bosch Control Air 5600 comes equipped with energy-saving features preloaded into the system software (e.g. Economizer) which can be configured to monitor entry and leaving point levels and adjust system outputs in order to help optimize Building Automation System performance.

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