QV Series - Single Stage Ultra Quiet
Water Source Heat Pump - Water-to-Air

QV Series - Single Stage Ultra Quiet

An industry leader in sound attenuation.

At a glance
  • Bosch-patented noise insulation technology
  • Constant Airflow ECM DEC Star® Blower
  • Bosch-patented compressor encapsulation
  • Whisper Quiet operation

The QV comes equipped with Bosch-patented compressor encapsulation. The unit’s unique sound package includes an insulated blower and cabinet insulation, which dampen unwanted noise. The product also includes an elevated base-plate, ensuring air-tight encapsulation around the compressor and optimal sound performance.

Highly efficient, the DEC Star® blower produces the same CFM as the LV but at a lower RPM, resulting in decreased power consumption, lower sound levels, and optimal sound performance. The DEC Star® blower’s high efficiency and improved airflow also keeps maintenance costs to a minimum.

The blower systems on the QV’s horizontal cabinets are designed to be easily reconfigured on the job site. Installers can switch the blower discharge arrangement from end to straight through discharge in just a few minutes.

Refrigerant to water heat exchangers are coaxial tube-in-tube copper/steel type, providing a robust construction and ensuring years of trouble-free operation. Optional Cupro-Nickel coils are available for applications where the water is of lower quality.

The QV’s efficient blower technology helps to reduce power consumption, resulting in lower operating costs.

Circuit QV Model units are designed using the optimum combination of compressor, water, and air coils to provide peak performance.