WT Series
Water Source Heat Pump - Water-to-Water

WT Series

Two-stage reverse cycle chiller water heater designed specifically to meet high-end hydronic systems.

At a glance
  • 2 to 6 tons
  • Superior Efficiency
  • Quiet Operation

The WT Model is available in 2-6 tons, including a wider range of voltages. Also provides almost limitless options for hydronic systems due to its single two-stage compressor and high operating temperatures for best-in-class performance.

There are many load side applications for which the water-to-water heat pump/liquid chiller is ideally suited. Some typical uses are as follows: Hydronic baseboard heating, hydronic in-slab floor heating, forced air fan coil heating or cooling, ice and snow melting, heating potable water, (when allowed by code) heating swimming pool and spa, process fluid heating or cooling.