Zone Sensor Series R1
Zone Sensor Series R1
Zone Sensor Series R1
Zone Sensor Series R1
Zone Sensor Series R1
Zone Sensor Series R1
Zone Sensor Series R1
Zone Sensor Series R1

Zone Sensor

Zone Sensor Series R1

Intelligent zone sensors that provide superior function and flexibility to manage the conditions important to comfort and productivity.

  • 96 Individually controlled elements
  • Symbols for easy identification of modes
  • Flexible Setpoint Adjustment


Achieve Maximum Comfort with the ZS Series

ZS series are available in a variety of zone sensing combinations to address your application needs. These combinations include temperature, relative humidity, and indoor air quality CO2. They are built to be flexible allowing for easy customization of what the user/technician sees. Designed to work with all Bosch DDC controllers (AC), the ZS series R1 line includes the ZS Base, ZS Slidebar, ZS Push, and ZS Manager.

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