Cased Coils
Cased Coils
Cased Coils

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Cased Coils

Air source heat pump and geothermal accessory from Bosch.

At a glance

  • Complete product range from 2 to 5 ton
  • All Aluminum coils for superior corrosion resistance
  • Multi-position drain pan to meet most application needs


Compact Design

Bosch Cased Coil and Uncased Coil units (BMAC) deliver unmatched performance and efficiency levels. Bosch offers a complete range of evaporator coils, from 2-5 tons, to fit your needs and deliver maximum comfort to homeowners.

Easy, Flexible Install

This unit is designed to pair easily with Bosch ASHP Condensing Section (BOVA2.0), Bosch 96% AFUE Furnace (BGH96) or Bosch WSHP Condensing Section (SM Split). Built for simple installation across a number of applications (HZ or VT), the Bosch Cased Coil and Uncased Coils will provide comfort and peace of mind.

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