Greensource i Series SV
Greensource i Series SV

Heat Pump Systems

Greensource i Series SV

Quality and innovative home comfort.

  • Available in 1/2 to 6 ton capacities
  • Single-stage ultra compact cabinet
  • New and improved Scroll and Rotary Compressors
  • Standard PSC blower motors and DuoGuard Air Coil


Meet the Bosch SV Model

The i Series Greensource water source heat pump comes equipped with the quality and innovative technology that only Bosch can provide. All units are available in vertical and horizontal configurations. Additionally, several options of return air and supply air are offered as standard, providing configuration flexibility.


All units are designed to be serviced from the front of the unit. Schrader valves for high and low pressure gauges and the electrical box components are easily accessible for diagnosing and servicing the unit.

Quiet Operation

Noise reduction is a critical consideration of the unit design. All SV units have a unique floating base compressor that is mounted on a heavy steel plate which rests on a high density rubber pad on the base of the unit.

Hanging Brackets

All horizontal units come standard with hanging bracket kits for suspending the unit from field supplied hanger rods. These kits include heavy duty steel brackets and rubber grommets for sound and vibration isolation from the building structure.

Filter Racks and Unit Options

Units come standard with a 1” filter rack and 1” construction filter. A 1” return duct collar is integral to the filter rack eliminating the need for field mounted duct collars.

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