ProTL Series

Gas Tankless Water Heaters

ProTL Series

Special Edition version of the Therm 1050/950/940/830 models

At a glance

  • Ultra low NOx Certified
  • Condensing and Non-Condensing
  • Available in NG and LP configurations
  • Digital display for accurate temperature setting


ProTL 199C

Condensing Technology With Energy factor of 0.95 and ENERGY STAR Rating. The Bosch ProTL 199C has Energy Factor 0.95, and is equipped with an automated and fully modulating bypass for unsurpassed DHW temperature stability.

ProTL 199

The ProTL 199 is our highest capacity non-condensing model, designed to meet the demands of busy households. It offers the premium features and quality you expect from Bosch. With sealed combustion and dual-fan technology, this unit can be installed almost anywhere.

ProTL 175C

The ProTL 175C features condensing technology with 94% thermal efficiency, an energy factor of 0.95, and an automated and fully-modulating bypass for unsurpassed DHW temperature stability. Designed to offer maximum efficiency, even with the highest demands.

ProTL 175

The ProTL 175 offers advanced software, safety and precision controls. This unit requires only 175,000 BTU/Hr input and is designed to support households as well as intelligent cascading up to 24 units.

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