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Inverter heat pumps are a game changer for the HVAC industry. Conventional heat pumps frequently cycle on and off, which can cause uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. However, inverter-driven heat pumps are able to self-adjust. The inverter compressor is able to change its frequency to match the demand for heating or cooling, providing a consistent, comfortable room temperature.

Want to level up your HVAC business? Here are our top reasons for installing inverter heat pumps, using our latest addition to the Inverter Ducted System (IDS) Family, the Bosch IDS Light 15 SEER, as an example.

#1. The Future is Electric

It is not just for cars—there is a clear market trend toward electrification in the HVAC industry, too. For example, starting in 2023, there will be a mandate covering new commercial buildings and large multifamily apartments in an effort to begin transitioning away from using natural gas and other fossil fuels for heating.

Going electric can also save your customers money in the long run. With gas prices skyrocketing, the cost of filling a tank of oil or using oil for heating through the winter is simply not as cost efficient as it once was. On the other hand, the cost of electricity is currently low and stable. In our market research, we are finding that many homeowners are looking to either replace their fossil fuel system with heat pumps or combine the two via a dual fuel system in order to cut down on their utility bills and protect the environment.

Due to these factors, Bosch predicts that heat pumps, including inverter systems, will continue to gain in popularity because they use electricity for heating and cooling. For contractors, it will be very important to partner with a trusted brand in order to leverage the electrification trend, utilizing the best products and technology available to impress customers.

#2. You Can Get Inverter Technology for a Price You Will Love

You may have just done a double-take when you read that and we would not blame you. It is true that inverter heat pumps often have a higher upfront cost due to their high efficiency. This is why we are excited to introduce the Bosch IDS Light 15 SEER, the first 15-SEER Inverter condenser on the market. The BOVA15 outdoor system combines standard efficiency with our BVA15 fixed-speed air handler. With the IDS Light, you can get all the benefits of our Bosch inverter system at an inexpensive, competitive price point for the below 16 SEER market.

Let’s talk about the below 16 SEER market for a second. Did you know that 80% of all air source heat pumps sold in the United States and Canada are less than 16 SEER? By installing the IDS Light, you can take advantage of the affordability of the most popular segment of the market while still offering premium Bosch inverter technology to your customers.

Compared to an average low SEER AC system, the IDS Light offers:

  • A fully modulating inverter drive to precisely match the heating/cooling load
  • Quiet performance (outdoor sound levels as low as 59 dBA)
  • Small cabinet – 2/3 smaller than average

#3. Bosch Inverter Systems Are Easy to Install

Did we mention that the IDS Light has the same installation steps as other IDS Family products? If you know how to install one IDS product, you know how to install them all. The BOVA15 also shares some spare parts as BOVB18 and BOVA20 for better stock ability.

No complicated or expensive proprietary controls are required for the IDS Light…or any Bosch inverter system. This makes installation easy and efficient for you, as a contractor.

There is no better way to grow your business than by helping your customers get maximum comfort and high performance at a great value.

Bosch Inverter Heat Pumps

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