Preparing Your Business for the HVAC Holiday Rush

Holiday Family Selfie

It’s that time of year again: the winter rush. With the holidays fast approaching, you may start receiving an influx of frantic calls from your customers. No one wants a broken boiler or water heater, after all…but especially not when the entire family is coming to town.

In the spirit of giving, we offer three simple tips to help you stay one step ahead of the holiday havoc.

#1. Carry Critical Spare Parts in Your Truck

As the weather turns cold (and the holiday countdown ticks away), your customers will appreciate a speedy turnaround even more than usual. Keeping a few critical spare parts on hand will help you be ready to fix the most common boiler and water heater repair issues in a pinch.

To help you be as prepared as possible, Bosch offers a free, online Spare Parts Lookup tool for all of our products. You can use the Spare Parts Lookup to find:

  • Spare parts for a particular unit (including frequently used parts)
  • Price and availability, if you already know the material number
  • Warranty information for a particular model

When you click on the spare parts list for your unit, pay attention to the two “Recommended Stocking” columns on the right. These are the spare parts that Bosch recommends that Distributors and Contractors keep on hand, respectively.

Here is the current spare parts list for Greentherm 9000 as an example.

#2. Remind Your Customers About Annual Inspections

Now is a great time to reach out to homeowners and remind them to schedule their yearly service for their heating appliance. Many homeowners don’t realize that their units need to be cleaned once a year. Without these inspections, homeowners can end up facing serious technical issues later on down the road.

Tell your customers that getting an annual service check is a lot like getting their car inspected. It is a routine service that could make a huge difference in extending the life of their appliance from say, 5 years minimum to as long as 25 years.

#3. Remind Customers to Check Their Exhaust Pipes

Clogged exhaust pipes from a heating appliance can trap dangerous residual gas fumes inside the home. When you contact your customers for their annual inspections, please also remind them to have their exhaust pipes checked. Inspecting and cleaning exhaust pipes on a routine basis is crucial in order to prevent clogs and potential safety hazards.

Practicing these three tips can help you catch issues early so that you and your customers can get back to what really matters--enjoying the season.

Happy holidays! We look forward to seeing you back here in 2022 for the next post on The HVAC Almanac.