Electric Water Heaters Maintenance Information

Tronic 3000 (US3/6/7/9/12), and AE3.4/7.2/9.5 Tankless Water Heaters

These models contain no components that require regular maintenance, but we do recommend that the owner regularly carries out a simple no-contact visual inspection of the water heater's exterior.

Daily (by owner)

  • Ensure that no water leaks are evident around the outside of the water heater or from the installer-supplied plumbing connections.
  • Visually inspect the exterior of the water heater for signs of discoloration or physical damage.
    If any water leaks, discoloration or physical damage are found during visual inspection, please shut off the power and water supplies to the water heater and contact your installer or a qualified service person immediately. Do not attempt to remove the front cover yourself!
    If you are in need of a qualified service person in your area, please use this contractor search page: Find A Service Provider

If the inspections reveal any damaged components, they must be replaced prior to placing the water heater back into operation.
A detailed parts breakdown can be downloaded from this page: Parts Diagrams
Spare parts pricing & availability information can be found on this page: Aftermarket Resource Center