Air-to-Air Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning FAQs

Climate 5000 Ductless System
How often should I clean the air filter in my indoor head unit?
Do I ever need to replace the air filter in my indoor head unit?
I'm installing a ducted indoor unit. Can it be installed in a vertical position?
I see a button labeled "FOLLOW ME" on the remote control. What does this do?
After long period of inactivity, what steps should I take before using the unit again?
I'm seeing a "CL" or "nF" code on the display screen. Is there an issue?
What is the maximum length of line set that can be used?
Can one indoor unit cool my entire home?
The indoor head unit's fan runs even when the room temperature is satisfied. Is this normal?
An "E2" code is displayed on the condensing unit's display. What does this mean?
I have a regular thermostat on the wall. Can it be used with the mini split?
My system has multiple indoor units. Can they all be controlled via a single thermostat?
I have a multi-zone system installed. Can each indoor unit be set to a different mode from the others?
I'm installing a multi-zone system. Can I install the outdoor unit and a single indoor unit now and the remaining indoor units at a later date?
Is the Climate 5000 mini split product Wifi or Bluetooth capable?
Does the optional wall-mounted thermostat display any error codes that may appear on the indoor unit?