Boiler Tech Tips

GB142 Boiler Tip 1

Code starting with a (P0) is an indication showing what the boiler pressure is reading in the boiler.
Example: P06 is reading 6 lbs of pressure in the boiler. This is not an error code but an indicator showing boiler pressure. That is P = System water pressure and the number is the value. You may also see H7 that is a code associated with low system water pressure.

The GB142 has a low pressure switch that will protect and stop the burner below 13 psi from coming on.

GB142 Boiler Tip 2

The GB142 comes with an outdoor reset control the AM10, when used the factory default on the base point is 86 degrees, (starting point of the curve). That may be a good base point when running a low temp application, such as in floor radiant. We suggest on a high temp Application like a baseboard job to set the base point at 110 / 120. Cast Iron baseboard or Cast Iron Radiators set the base point at 125. For Air handlers set the base point at 130 / 135 / 140. These are suggestions not the rule. Each system may be set differently according to the heat loss calculation done before hand.

GB142 Boiler Tip 3

A 3C code refers to a bad connection to the fan or a faulty fan. Ohming out the wires back to the 81 pin connector behind the UBA will determine if the wiring harness needs to be replaced or the fan itself.

GB142 Boiler Tip 4

A 6A error code refers to "no ionization message after ignition trial "the ionization rod can be one of many problems causing the boiler not to fire. Follow these steps when experiencing a 6A, 1) check that your gas cock is on and static pressure at the valve. 2) start the unit does the fan start? Check the ignition glow in the window does it glow for a minimum of 4-5 seconds? If not the uba may be faulty or your running on a generator if so replace the Uba to a 3.6 uba. Once the ignition glow has been established at 4-5 seconds the next procedure would be to check the gas valve is it getting power? Ohm out the pins, is the condensate bottle plugged? If so pull out the condensate bottle and flush it out, check the boiler to condensate bottle connection with your fingers for blockage.

GB142 Boiler Tip 5

Cleaning a GB142 boiler is very easy, pull the top cover off of the boiler, with a spray bottle mixed with 80% water and 20% mineral oil spray the mixture onto the coils while keeping the ignitor and ionization rod dry. Put the cover back on and run the boiler to hi fire for 10 min. this process may need to be repeated more than once with a dirty boiler. When the coils have been satisfactorily cleaned pull off the bottom cover of the boiler and flush out all debris along with flushing out the condensate bottle.

GB142/GB162 Boiler Tip 6

Cross contamination is one of the biggest calls for failure on a GB142/162 boiler. Cross contamination is the recirculation of exhaust gases being pulled back into the boiler through the fresh air intake to the boiler. Mapping out sidewall venting before installation is crucial, you must have 3 feet from an inside and outside corner along with 5 feet below an overhang. Do not install venting into an alcove where the eddy currents of combustible exhaust gases can be sucked back into the fresh air stream to the boiler.

Greenstar Boiler Tip 1

Before starting up a Greenstar boiler remove the bleed screw on the side of the circulator pump and rotate the shaft. These boilers are water tested so the impellers may be stuck causing no circulation.